We use raw materials (ingots and or billets) from a good manufacturer or smelter. Currently, we own billet casting with a maximum capacity of 800 tons / month which produces billet diameters ranging from 3.5 inches to 8 inches. With advanced homogenization facilities we can provide high quality billets.


PT. Alcomex Indo is equipped with eight press extrusion machines with capability up to 2.500 MT. PT. Alcomex Indo can produce simple aluminum to complicated aluminum extrusion parts such as for buildings, construction, housing, transportation, electronic components, commodities and others.


The Aluminum profile is anodised to improve corrosion resistance, increase surface strength, and perform dyeing (coloring) processes. PT. Alcomex Indo provides several anodizing colors for aluminum profiles such as anodize plain, black, brown and others. The best anodizing process is given by PT. Alcomex Indo. In accordance with customer requirements, our anodizing parts are performed by our highly trained and experienced personnel, all the deciding factors are controlled by the computer to produce the ultimate quality at its best.

Our factory is also supported by the Lacquer Anodizing Facility (Japan) which adds a good glow to our aluminum surfaces, and in addition to the beautiful aesthetic appearance, the lacquer product is also very easy to clean and maintain for a long time.


One of the advantages of powder coating for aluminum profiles is its exterior durability and color retention. Powder Coating PT Alcomex Indo applies well to architectural aluminum for high-rise buildings such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals and others. PT. Alcomexindo provides in various colors RAL shade in gloss, satin and matt finishes.

PT. Alcomex Indo uses powder from Axalta, Akzo Nobel and Jotun, with powder warranty for 10-20 years according to the powder used.